Regenerative Injection Therapy


In the past, doctors were reactive to problems and treated symptoms. Now, instead of just making the symptoms go away, they have more options to address what’s causing the pain. Regenerative medicine can help kick start your body’s own healing response. This form of therapy stimulates your body’s own natural growth factors to repair chronically damaged tissue.

Regenerative therapy, using amniotic-derived fluid or growth factors, is one of the most promising and safe alternatives to managing chronic pain caused by arthritis, injured ligaments, tendons, joints, plantar fasciitis or heel pain. It has even been shown to be helpful in reducing the discomfort of neuropathy.

Inflammation and swelling are the body’s natural way of healing injured tissue. While many people see swelling as a sign of injury, our doctors recognize that it’s actually a sign of healing. The swelling means the body is sending the necessary attention and support (growth factors) to the area to start healing. This is why our doctors choose to use amniotic-derived growth factors to treat certain conditions.  

Amniotic-derived fluid or growth factor injections work in concert with the body’s natural response, creating a small amount of localized inflammation to help trigger the body’s natural processes in an effort to strengthen and repair the area. This is actually the opposite of what cortisone does, and why our doctors prefer this option.

The growth factors come from stem cells found in the placenta. They are like blank slates that can become anything- tendon, muscle tissue, or even bone. They are neutral in character and are devoid of any information, but they are ready to receive data, like a blank USB drive. Once given, the patient’s own data is imprinted on these growth factors and this jump starts the healing response.  

There have been many studies showing the benefits of this therapy for people who suffer from chronic pain or injury. Even those with long standing injuries may have a positive response. This means that patients who have been living with conditions that have not responded to prior treatment have a chance of finding relief. Call us at 602-954-0777 to make an appointment and see if this might be an option for you.