Love Your Stilletos Again

I have pain in my feet that makes me feel like I cannot take one more step…like there is no cushion left to protect them.  Is there any relief for this?

The bones in the ball of your foot, and the fatty tissue that you walk on, bear the most pressure when you walk.  As a person ages, the fat pad in the ball of the foot thins out.  The fat pad serves as a natural cushion for the foot.  Men and women who suffer from this condition describe it as a feeling of walking on marbles.  Feet with little or no fat pad at the bottom will experience more pain; it feels like the ends of the bones are actually hitting the ground. 

Every step forward requires pushing off with the toes and the ball of the foot, forcing the body forward.  This places an incredible weight on your feet.  These structures endure 100% of our body weight with each step.  When there is less cushioning, your body compensates to protect the area.  In many cases a callus will form and a burning, tingling sensation occurs when you are on your feet for a prolonged period of time.  Women who wear high heels often experience this problem. 

Sole Cushion™ is a new treatment for the ball of the foot that stimulates collagen formation, providing a cushion when you walk.  It uses an absorbable substance that is naturally found in the body to create a protective layer between the skin and bones of your feet.